Monday, March 14, 2011

First Class view vs. Local immersion in the end Love

First Class ride & view of the countryside.

Here are the outskirts of New Delhi to Haridwar. Final destination point was Rishikesh.

I was served coffee, tea, water, breakfast, more tea and then fruits. I sat in a comfy air-conditioned cabin as I looked at the poverty, hunger and homeless from a clean window. I sat next to a businessman from the UK. I tried to make conversation on the who-what-where-why... he didn't want to be bothered.

Look closer...


If you look closely you will see people squatting alongside the railroad tracks (:18 mark) Do you know why? They are using the 'bathroom'. They are those who are homeless, and sleeping among the muck you see. The Indian government does have a trash/waste service, but they're so far behind it'd take billions and whole army several years to clean it all up. The people here who beg, are really, truly, begging for sustenance...for life. This brought me to tears deep in my core.

Local Class ride & view of the countryside. On my way back from Rishikesh, I took a local car out of Haridwar back to New Delhi because there were no seats available in First Class. Here I discovered India, it's people and its Soul.

We shared the food all around us. The beautiful woman sitting in pink, across me, shared oranges with us. She was fasting that day. She fed us all.


This group of friends on their way back from Rishikesh became my instant friends. Pamma near the windo, Viky (Davinder... he is a doctor). They have the better videos by far. They bought me peanuts when we boarded and then a rish dish of food at a later stop.

These people became my friends. These guys made themselves remote protectors of me... they email every day asking me where I am and how is my trip is going. They want to see photos. And they pray it is good for me and I am happy and safe. One is instructing me he says, how to approach things in the right way... he says... not because he's a fan of yoga, but because: " i'm your frd not fan and frd guide right way "

I am crying at thoughts of leaving this place. I shared this with Vicky on my last night in Delhi via email, and he said that he is crying with me and said: "and one last word again for you.. you are a good woman and your heart is indian and you are one only one."

But he is just one representation of everyone I have met. The families I have stayed with.
All have been guiding me along this journey.

They are texting me every day asking my whereabouts... passing along prayers for a safe and enjoyable trip; being punctual about having me message them when I arrive.. wanting to know every step of my way... how it is going and thanking God for it all.... just over and over and over again... blessing me over and over... saying hello in the morning and wishing me good night.

Living India.... sometimes like a Local, others like a curious tourist

...sometimes like a Local...


taking an auto-rick (motorized rickshaw) to the airport because it's least expensive... and afterall, you gotta experience it full speed.

others like a curious Tourist.. the Mehendi Art experience in which I got 'schooled'
Read: Streetside Education


Lisa Frost behind the camera lens... she's hired!

DELHI TRAFFIC is for everyone... locals and tourists alike.. can you handle it?


The traffic in India is insane... I call it complete Order in Chaos.... it's absolutely mindboggling and takes a day or so.. maybe never... to get used to. It doesn't bother me any more... so I guess I passed "Go".

Oh, oh, ohhhh there's Video!!

My Mom in Patiala is the best chef in all of Punjab!


It is well known that the Punjab's.. and also in the Northern part of India-- has the tastiest cuisine in the country.


was blessed with a Punjab (Sikh) family who took me in as one of their own and fed me til my belly burst. And they laughed because I was hardly eating.
I now have a new Brother, Harsh, a new Sister, Harmandeep and a Mom and Dad... and in this case... my Dad's awesome for his rank within the police force, possibly even equal to CIA because no one really knows 'what' he does, but all I know is he got me a 4-man escort to my train on the way out of Patiala back to New Delhi... kinda felt like the President with Secret Service around me.

Photo: Jasjit Grewal, Harmandeep, Dad, Mom

The smallest backdrop expert I've ever seen. Lodhi Garden (New Delhi)


The law in India is that all children up to the age of 14 should be studying, or in school.
It is provided for free to most. Officially, they can not work, but this child was performing for money. His older brother alongside with a drum.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Whirlwind trip(s) since I left Rishikesh.
Auto-Rickshaw, Bus, Train, Train, Plane, Bus and good ole Pedestrian skills.

From Rishikesh Took a local train to Patiala. DID NOT ever make it to Amritsar.. but stayed with an amazing family.... adopted a Mother, Father, Sister and Brother and got fed some of the BEST INDIAN FOOD on the planet... apparently the Punjabs do it the best, but I didn't know it at the time.. I was just in heaven. And I'm proud to say, my Mama makes the best Saag hands down.

Stayed in Patiala for a few nights (wish I had those photos here to upload), and then went back to NewDelhi for two nights... Stayed back with Lisa Frost, whose been the most amazing U.S. connection here... soul sistas for sure! She took me directly to a small gathering w/ wine and appetizers and a barrel of laughter.
A DAY LATER... I'm in the most serene place imaginable.

From New Delhi, flew to Bangalore where I am wrapping up work with my team on finalizing the AnitaYoga retreats or rather... the Experiential Transformation Weeks in collaboration with the Life Transformation Research Foundation. Got back to Naveen Varshneya, my retreat partner (founder of the LTRF) and super-duper healer's house for a brief session and catch up on the work stuff... then he sent me to the Pyramid Village do some meditations in 'the pyramid', of which he said would have a triple compound effect.

Uh... whoa! Yeah. It happens.

OH... BTW... you know my friend, Lucky, whom I met in Rishikesh?? Well during our conversation I told him about Naveen, his research, and his incredible gift... and I'm on the train to Delhi and get a call from him ON A TRAIN to Bangalore to come meet me Naveen on the day I will arrive back in Bangalore! So, I send Dave aka Lucky to meet Naveen.... I arrive... and we do our work and then Naveen sends us both to the Pyramid Village.. and wa, wa, wa, wa Wow!

This place is truly magic.

Wasn't there only two nights. Did a full day of morning meditation, another remote therapy session w/ Naveen, another meditation and then again meditation before dinner... by evening, I wasn't sure if I was really in fact, inside my body. Like seriously.

The place is like stepping into just a teeny tiny morsel of heaven. Everyone there just speaks with smiles and penetrating eyes and you feel something... mostly love and joy and it is very surreal.

Of course this is MY experience, but this felt to me, like deep in the heart of India.. among the people without the chaos of the city and the noises and in the middle of nature and walking the 1.5 km in the dark night with NO lighted roadway only black sky and bright stars and the sounds of crickets and dogs... and walking throug the stip of neighborhoods, and seeing the people along the way enjoying their evening sitting out on the porchfronts, feeding their goats, or sitting side by side their cows and children just felt like walking down a driveway to a palace with the reminders of pure humanity and simplicity.

At this writing, I'm back in Bangalore for a night.. then off to Goa to meet Lisa, again, who's the most generous and gracious hostess, truly. She's invited me to join her. She runs the spa and fitness center of Leela Palance-New Delhi, so her hotel business connections allow her amazing opportunities. My bonus, is because of her, I'll stay at The Taj, a 5-Star resort... when I think of the extreeeeeeeeeeeme polar opposite of places I have had to stay in on occasion on this journey. ALL have been so wonderful, and the best part is being able to be among the people, as the people truly live here... without a whole lot! So... this end of my trip at a swanky place in some repects may pale in comparison the the treasures I've had in the less than opulant surroundings.

There are plenty of giving people in this world, and Lisa is at the top of that list. In life, when you find a gem like this, you can only be grateful and then know it's your turn to give back with the same heartfelt, genuine intention... just keep that energy flowing.. keep it flowing and going and moving and manifesting only in this kind of light and love. Motivational giving will not serve you in the end. This is how it works. And so... give... that is all.. give.. and give... nothing is yours to keep, just pass it on... and what you get in return is always more than you can even imagine or handle...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PHOTOS, Photos, Clicks, clicks!

LODHI GARDEN ~ (New Delhi)

FIRST Opportunity to upload photos.
Been in cyber cafes, but not w/ my own computer to share the pics.. or clicks, as they call photos here.

Leaving Denver, CO

Sunita... my first Indian Mother who adopted me. She sat next to me on the plane. Made me put my feet on her lap so I could rest comfortably on the 14.5hr flight. She is so beautiful! We shared food and stories and then big hugs and tears, tears, tears upon departure at the baggage claim. Sunita refused to let me carry my carry-on into the airport. She said I was a guest to her home. And when we set foot in the airport she gave thanks and said: Welcome to my home, our Country!

Mudras greet you when you descend on the escalators to Immigration Counters

My first bedroom in New Delhi

View from my bedroom

Lodhi Garden~

There are countless photos of this place. It's like the central park of New York.

THIS IS A LOCAL BUS.. and the food service. Then there was my first class train ride from New Delhi to Haridwar and the meal: egg white omlet, bread and butter, some tea (chai) andBus station in Haridwar... took a local bus to Rishikesh for 22Rs- which is less than 50 cents for a 25km trip

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Downloaded the Upgrade. Moving Onward and Upward

Rain came this afternoon. Guess it's time to leave Rishikesh.
Funny, as the rain has been the sign for me upon each arrival to a new place, and upon my departures. I had just finished booking my train ticket to Patiala (in the Punjab State in NW India) when the afternoon rain began.

So I'll reconnect with my friend, Jasjit and his family and go to Amritsar, of which you see pictured here.

This morning, I was still wondering about all I've been experiencing here ( in Rishikesh) and absorbing with and without my knowing and now I know. As I walked across the bridge at Laxman Juhl to meet a friend for dinner... I realized, I didn't want to hike up in the dark to the organic, Ayurvedic restaurant that's supposed to be really, super nice... and instead, I turned around and went to this local place that I saw some ashram volunteer walk into last night. I figured it has to be the local favorite.

And I got LUCKY.... yes, very lucky!! I met Dave "Lucky", from Israel... and we shared an amazing hour or more... ((who's counting the time, as there is none)).... and now I know why I was supposed to come to Rishikesh. It was to have this conversation with him. Nothing more.
He was just sitting there, waiting for me. He had already eaten. How to explain this meeting of an unknown, but all too well known. ??

I was wondering earlier in the day why I was here in Rishikesh.. I came under the idea I'd be attending the International Yoga Festival. I will not. The festival is now officially underway. The team of people I had planned to work with to help do a documentary and interview yogi teachers... did not go as planned, and with that, I decided to move on, even though I could stay in this nice little haven along the river and the mountains, just a skip away from Nepal.

Nothing is by accident. I keep noticing. And now, again, another confirmation. You are always where you are supposed to be. The timing is perfect. And what you need you get. So stop 'wanting'... heh.. that's what I'm discovering more and more.

Yes, Dave and I met.... again... but for the first time. And he will meet me in Bangalore when I arrive there to work with the team that has miraculously come together as well. Seems like, the network is weaving itself. Very cool. And well.... some things are just so precious, they are better left unsaid.

---It is now Morning-- The rain Poured the bring in the day. I just finished an Ayurvedic/Swedish massage by a young man named Suno. I feel great! Ready for the trip to Punjab.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Energy Central: Rishikesh

Day of Enjoying it all.....
Lunch at the Pyramid Cafe with my friend, Greg, whom is just finishing his second book and I got a preview of what's to come... cool. He's wanting to spread Gratitude and Positivity. Got to catch up with him and let him know how my yoga retreats and workshops will debut soon and how I'll be working w/ the Life Transformation Foundation. We enjoyed the view and then...
...the monkeys! They are everywhere! And brave. Watch your food on your table, they'll literally come grap your roti off your plate! Feeling much rested after a long day of travel just to get here.

Had the full morning experience: yoga IN SPANISH.
. which was the first for me... and then a teaching with Prem Baba, whom apparently goes to Boulder, CO all the time, and I had no idea... he also does discourse in Spanish (w a translator) and I'm meeting lots of people from Spain and Argentina.. so I'm talking in Spanish in India.

Watched the sunset atop a balcony sippin on Masala "full power spicy" chai w/ my friend, Greg. We sat there in silence in a sorta waking meditation watching the sun go down and feeling the energy of this place. Very cool.

The International Yoga Festival begins March 1 and the documentary team I will meet and work with is arriving soon, so it'll be interesting to see how we all work together.